Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hiya folks. I've been away from my blog again but that doesn't mean it hasn't been on my mind. So, what's new? Glad you asked.

I've just moved into a new apartment. My kids are almost out of the nest (2 down, 1 to go) so I looked for something I could live and love on my own.

Here's a little diddy I picked up from my local secondhand shop. It's a vintage Kenmore fan. Totally awesome with it's wood frame and steel vents (positionable). I think it has a lot of character...

I've also had an addition to the family, my Main Coon cat named Sushi. She's a doll! Rescued from an auto repair shop. Don't ask.

I've also turned onto an Ikea-aholic.

My bathroom.

My lovely slotted Ikea bench on my bathroom.

My kitchen.

My livingroom.

And my bedroom (excuse the messy bed, I'm getting in it now).

Nearly everything has come from Ikea in some way whether directly or indirectly. And, I'm actually very happy with it all.

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