Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Postcard Swap

So, I joined my second quilted postcard swap because the first one was relatively easy. I had to send out 14 cards and since my skills were pretty novice-like it was quick to turn out my postcards. With my previous experiences in mind, I joined a new, more advanced holiday postcard swap - 24 people with advanced quilting and artistic postcard design skills *UGH!* The cards I've been receiving in the mail make my little patchwork pieces look like arts and craft time at summer day camp. I really have to step up my game and I only have 2 weeks left to do it. Postcards must be mailed by January 15th - my birthday great. I think this is my last postcard swap for a while...

Here are a few I've finished, only 18 more to go:

Monday, December 29, 2008

and of course...

Well, since it wouldn't be "V" without a fiber shot, here it is. I call it, "Ruby Red Grapefruit with Extra Pulp" - its a merino superwash spun without carding or combing.

Hot new album!

Check out this hot new album from new artist "K*LA" (Kay-lah)...

WRONG! Its actually a photo of my daughter... I found it posted on her Facebook (sigh). Why do they have to grow up so fast? Here's how I prefer to see my daughter...
I know, I know... but just wait till YOU have a teenage daughter!

Crafty 4 day weekend

So, even though I'm back to work for a couple days today (off Wed - Fri this week), I wanted to share a pic with you that sums up my 4 day Christmas weekend of sewing, quilting, spinning, fiber dyeing and various stages of laziness...

Site of the week

Its Monday again and my memory is still pretty good. As promised, here's my site pic of the week:

Liberty's Yarns. What's so great about this site? Well, not only does she offer some amazing yarns in her Etsy shop, but her tutorials are fantastic, everything from "Drum Carder 101" to "How to make your own yogurt." I spent the better part of my morning taking in the wealth of information she's posted on her site. There are also patterns, project statuses and of course, blogging :)

I'm adding her blog to my blog list right now...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Necia's dye job

Necia came over yesterday to spin and teach me how to dye fiber. We dyed up some white punta and grey stripey superwash from The Sheep Shed Studio. Necia however was less than thrilled with her work on the punta. I loved it! I think it has beautiful subtle colors that are warm and unexpected. My fiber screamed turquoise! red! and yellow! (pic coming soon).

Monday, December 22, 2008

Site of the week

As long as I can remember to post, I'll be adding a Slick Site of the Week on my blog every Monday (hopefully). My latest find: IKEA Hacker http://ikeahacker.blogspot.com/ This is a very cool site that offers tips and tricks on how to repurpose your IKEA purchases, or how to make something even cooler our of an IKEA product (as if IKEA products could get any cooler).

I've got an IKEA not far from me and will be making a trip in the very near future.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Heathered Rainbow?

Its what a rainbow becomes after its been carded, drafted, spun, set and navajo plyed. Did I mention this is my first (successful) navajo ply? Yay me!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

More of what else? Fiber of course.

Tonight (today now), I reached into my fiber stash and pulled out a lovely one pound bag of super soft hand dyed combed top merino. It spins like butta! I swear I could have gone to the kitchen to make a sandwich and that fiber would be spinning itself. I do so love a good fiber...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I attended another funeral this week... Last night we said goodbye to baby Lauren Andrea Marie Baker (LAMB), born prematurely and surviving just 59 days in top neonatal care before her parents had to make the heart-wrenching decision to remove her from life support. Her Godfather shared with us that when she was removed from the machine that kept her vitals stable the assumption was that they'd have 5 or 6 final minutes with her before she expired, but God said, not so. Lauren's heart continued to beat for more than an hour afterwards! 112 minutes to be exact. This little fighter proved to everyone, doctors included, that she was no lamb but a roaring lion. She taught us that ALL things are in God's time and in His hands.

While I never had a chance to meet Lauren she'll always be a part of me in memory. I'll never forget the lessons of Lauren, the little lion who taught me more in 59 days than I've learned in 41 years.

Thank you Lauren Andrea Marie Baker AKA Lion.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wensleydale laceweight!

Wensleydale single
Originally uploaded by beingv

Watch out world! My singles are getting thinner and thinner! I think I've finally hit laceweight! Yippee! Too bad I don't have my sock knitting machine anymore - I could make tons 2 ply of sock yarn... But then again, who has time for socks when there's so much fiber to be spun!

Chair o'yarn

Chair o'yarn
Originally uploaded by beingv

My freshly spun and dried "Cotton Candyland" yarn is all ready to be knit up... what shall we make? It looks pretty darn good right where it is on my spinning chair.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life is fleeting... Live, Love, Laugh Now

Last night I attended the funeral of my friend Che, a vibrant, fiesty, funny, warm and wonderful human being. Che was never too anything not to find humor in a situation. When I remember Che, I remember her smile and how it lit up the darkest rooms and left its mark in all the right places. Right up to the end, she told us how she wasn't afraid of what lay ahead because she knew she was going to be with the Lord. All she wanted was to do His will before leaving, and she did. She brought family and friends together, she settled feuds and squashed pointless arguments and bickering. But, most importantly, she left us laughing.

RIP Che Lee - "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." - Matthew 25:21