Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I received my Legare 400 yesterday after much anxiety and stalking of the DHL carrier, I practically snatched the 30+ lb. box out of his hand and hugged it tightly until he forced me to sign for the package. I purchased my machine from Katy at Legacy Farms and I have to say, Katy has been amazing! I'm sure I've run her ragged with questions and emails and emails and questions, but she managed to hang in there with me somehow. She sent me a couple of DVDs early in my decision-making process to help educate me on various machines. Once I decided on the Legare 400, Katy continued to stay in touch almost daily. And, with temps reaching below zero in Iowa she miraculously managed to get out to her workshop and get my machine ready for me in no time. When it arrived there were a number of surprises - a DVD slideshow of my Legare's before and after photos, a wide assortment of CSM videos and info on disc, documents, etc. and a special thank you gift. After viewing the Legare instruction video and manual numerous times before my CSM arrived, I had no problems putting it together. I chose to make the Legare my first CSM because I wanted something solid and sturdy that could take a beating. I'm absolutely in love with it. Only 24hrs after receiving it and I'm already making tubes! And by the way, my CSM is officially christened, Miss Maybelle.

If you're interested in CSMs or Majacraft Spinning Wheels, check out and tell Katy that "Vanessa" sent you! She won me over with her patience, knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend her. *This is NOT a commercial* just my personal experience.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

It's on its way! (CSM)

Its not fair! My package arrived at 7:29AM in Elizabeth, NJ and hasn't moved all day. No updates from DHL - nada! Elizabeth isn't that far from Secaucus. 14.5 mi – about 22 mins, up to 30 mins in traffic according to Google Maps. What gives?

Its in NJ!!! Not far from my office - I'm hoping they process it at the location quickly so it makes it on the delivery truck today. I'm so excited!

Could it be that it shipped on Friday, but will be delivered on Monday? I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

My CSM shipped! I'm checking tracking so often its a wonder DHL doesn't charge me for the extra bandwith usage on their site!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm expecting! (CSM)

No, its not what you think... I'm expecting my very first sock knitting machine, aka CSM, aka Circular Knitting Machine - a Legare 400. I'm ordering my machine from a really sweet woman in the Midwest who restores and sells CSMs. We've been communicating for just over a month. Back and forth, she's answered all my questions, made suggestions and even sent me a couple of DVD videos to whet my appetite for CSMs while I stockpiled the cash for the machine. And, boy do they cost! However, its about what you'd expect to pay for a functional piece of history that's available only in limited supply. What's really great about CSMs from this restorer, all original parts! Guaranteed to knit and rib. Tons of support. I'm sold. Now, the wait begins...

(actual photos of my machine - still waiting on a final polish,
then its on its way to its new home - mine.)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Chihuahua sweater on my Mattel Knitting Machine

I'm stoked today - I've fooled around with my newly snagged Mattel Knitting Machine for hours, determined to knit something other than wrist warmers for my daughter. When suddenly I was inspired and accidentally created a prototype sweater for my Chiwawa (chihuahua for my spanish speaking readers).
I started off by cranking out a very long tube of knitting, about 3 feet. Then I folded the tube into a "W" shape, careful to leave folded arrow-like corners which allowed me to sew tight seams. I left an opening in the middle point of the "W" for Biggs head to fit through. Then I seamed up the rest of the "W" to create the body, leaving a small opening on each side of the center seam for Biggs' legs to poke through. The finished product? Well, its not ready for prime time yet, but it did give me ideas on how for making lots of other outfits for my little canine-rodent. He doesn't care that the seams aren't tight or that there are still loose threads about. He just knows that its warm and comfy and that putting it on means he gets to go outside for a walk. With that said, gotta go, Biggs is waiting...