Friday, September 17, 2010

iPhone 4 - is it worth all this?

My iPhone 4 Experience:
Went to upgrade at local Radio Shack. Mgr says I'm eligible for $200 upgrade. Decide to upgrade two phones. My son's is approved, mine isn't even though we're on a family plan. Pay double for my phone. We both leave happy. Get 1 block and my home button won't work. Go back, get another new phone. Go several blocks and some demo video comes onscreen. Go back to RadioShack. Mgr apologizes for putting demo software on phone in error, has to restore phone. I wait 30 minutes while he makes calls to find out how to remove the demo software. He tries again, restore takes 25 mins. He exclaims "uh oh" and informs me that there was an error and restore won't go thru. Asks me to leave the phone there till tomorrow. He's out of iPhone 4s and will get me one tmrw. I tell him I need a phone - reactivate my old 3GS. He tries but can't reactivate the sim. He gives me a new sim. I leave with my same old phone, $600 lighter. Tired, frustrated, angry and jealous that my son ha a new working iPhone 4. Maybe I'll have mine tomorrow.

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