Thursday, June 12, 2008

Its been a while...

B E I Pewter Ransom Font N Pastry Cutter G V

I really haven't been as good as I should in keeping my blog updated. So much has happened - what you say? Well for one, I've re-discovered sewing. This time its for real! Yeah, I know, you've probably heard that before but I mean it. This time its gonna last. I've been making all sorts of things, mainly quilting. Its kinda my new addiction. No, I haven't forgotten my CSM... that's still my true love. But its pretty darn hot out here now and I'd rather not handle wool fibers. Sew - in the meantime, I sew :)

Here's a gift for you, check it out:

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Kyle Kunnecke said...

fun and love the link - I used it for my new banner on my website... you're awesome :) thanks!!