Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ghetto thread stand - but it works!

My mom found large spools of thread dirt cheap at a thrift store, so now I have all these large spools of thread that don't fit on my machine... What to do? Ghetto Thread Stand! I took my largest cone of thread and set it as my stand. Then took a long size 11 (any size needle that's long and thick enough to keep from slipping through the bobbin) aluminum knitting needle and placed it inside the spool, point up. Place an empty bobbin atop the needle point. Next, a large spool of sewing thread (this is the working spool) sit it on top of the bobbin so the bobbin allows the cone to float above the base cone and spins freely... Voila! A thread stand that spins freely. You may need to play with your thread tension a bit. And, you'll need to hold the stand firmly when winding bobbins but that's it. Enjoy.

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