Sunday, August 10, 2008

Featherweight in my cap

I'm loving this little machine right about now. I had to take the bobbin case and case holder apart to remove some remnants of thread and lint today and really got to know this tiny yet amazing piece of machinery. All I can say is, I'm very impressed. Although not quite as powerful as her big sister "Brunhilda" (my 301A - sister and successor to the Singer 221 Featherweights. See that tan beauty in the background?) my Featherweight whom I've already named "Bunny", certainly holds her own. I was able to sew through several layers of heavy denim, even folded seams with no problem using a 15x1 18 needle.

Along with the machine I also received the original manual and a vintage sewing accessory. Did I mention this is a limited edition Centennial badged machine, "A Centrury of Sewing Service 1851 - 1951" written on the gold and blue badge. Oh yeah, I think I did ;)

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