Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finding the time to blog

Whose got time to blog when there's so much to be done? Sorry, that's just how I've been feeling lately. My sweetheart has been in the hospital for almost a month now with a head injury and I spend all my time traveling - work->hospital->home->work->hospital->home... well, you get the picture. When I am home, you'd think I'd catch up on some sleep, right? WRONG! I can't sleep. I stay up till 3 or 4 in the morning. I guess my nerves are so shot I feel too jittery to sleep. So, I sew. I sit at my machine and make random items. My random items of the week are quilted post cards and wristlets (thanks Chanecia!)

On another topic, I listed a few of my machines for sale on craigslist recently. Just trying to make room for my ever growing Featherweight and 301 machine stash. Well, no one contacted me about buying the machines, but I did get an email from a wonderful woman named Karen who had a cabinet for a 15-91 machine that she was giving away. That's right, I said "giving!" Well, I'm not big on cabinets because most are a dime a dozen and the rest are sitting on the curb come garbage day in any given neighborhood, but something about how she described this machine caught my attention. She stated that the cabinet was "interesting" and that it had drawers and plenty of storage, yet she listed the size as being the average sized "throw in your trunk" cabinet. Interesting... I had to see this cabinet. I made arrangements to drive out to her place and when I drove to the end of her driveway I saw one of the most amazing little cabinets I've ever seen. After some research I've found its a Singer No. 48 cabinet made exclusively for the 201 machines (although a 15 machine fits just fine, as will other models).

Enough about me and my sweet deal of a cabinet. I found out that Karen, this wonderful giving woman, makes clothing for American Girl dolls. She took me inside her fabulous home (warm and richly filled with all things vintagy) and showed me her collection of clothing that she's made on her vintage Singer 15 machine. The collection is amazing!!! I've never seen so many doll garmets, ensembles, everything from the dresses with matching jewelry, to raincoats with tiny umbrellas, faux fur outfits, hippie garbs with beads and peace signs, costumes with masks, gowns, frilly girly clothing and so very much more! Karen does about 30 doll shows a year but get this, she doesn't do anything online! No website, no forums, nothing. What a shame I can't point you guys to her website so you can see her handywork. You will be amazed! I for one am hoping to inspire and help her get her wares online. The world needs to see all she has to offer. This is one very talented woman y'all. Makes me want to start collecting American Girl dolls just so I can dress them up in her clothing.

If anyone is interested in beautiful original designs of very well made American Girl doll clothing, shoot me note and I'll put you in touch with Karen.

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