Sunday, August 9, 2009

Willcox & Gibbs Noiseless Automatic Sewing machine

My latest flea market find. A late 1800s Willcox & Gibbs sewing machine in great condition. However, I do need to replace the cord coming from the motor. It comes in its original box complete with a presser foot and a tucker and ruffler in their original boxes with original instructions. I have the machine's manual as well but the cover is tattered. Its an amazing little machine! No bobbin needed - its a chain stitcher. It uses a single spool of thread to sew. Another interesting tid bit: it has a direct drive motor - no belt! I've seen a few YouTube videos showing how fast this baby can go. It practically flies.

More pics to come - I'm hunting for a treadle base or hand crank for it - I like options :)


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CrazyFiberLady said...

what an awesome find! congratulations!

V said...

Thanks :) I've had some good fortune with machines lately. I hope it keeps up LOL!

Kyle Kunnecke said...

beautiful machine! holy cow, lady - you're going to have to open a sewing machine and spinning wheel museum before long!!!