Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sock blanks the easy way

What could be easier than knitting up some sock blanks on an antique sock knitting machine (CSM)? After skeining 230 yards of undyed sock yarn off a cone (two yarns held together) I wound the yarn onto a wooden bobbin and knit a blank tube ready for dyeing. I made two blanks today, a colorful one on my 72 cylinder Master Machine and the other on my 60 cylinder Canadian Auto Knitter. The 60 cylinder blank is narrowing but a little too long for my dyeing pan. The 72 is the perfect length, but a little too wide for the plastic wrap to fully cover it when "sushi-rolling" it for steaming. Steaming the painted blanks sets the dye.

I decided to go back to my tried and true rainbow method for one blank and attempt something new with the second.

I love how the circle designs turned out and I can't wait until they dry so I can knit them up!

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