Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life is fleeting... Live, Love, Laugh Now

Last night I attended the funeral of my friend Che, a vibrant, fiesty, funny, warm and wonderful human being. Che was never too anything not to find humor in a situation. When I remember Che, I remember her smile and how it lit up the darkest rooms and left its mark in all the right places. Right up to the end, she told us how she wasn't afraid of what lay ahead because she knew she was going to be with the Lord. All she wanted was to do His will before leaving, and she did. She brought family and friends together, she settled feuds and squashed pointless arguments and bickering. But, most importantly, she left us laughing.

RIP Che Lee - "Well done, thou good and faithful servant." - Matthew 25:21


Kyle Kunnecke said...

sounds like a wonderful person I would have loved to have met. I am glad you were able to share your life with her. amazing people deserve to have other amazing people as part of their lives... and I firmly believe that we're all part of something bigger... and that we all have lessons to learn and teach each other (if we only pay attention!)

my sincere condolences.

V said...

Wise words... Thank you Kyle.