Sunday, January 18, 2009

A fibery surprise

Its Sunday evening - the cold snowy day before being back to work tomorrow. Well, the weekend did end with a pleasant surprise - a fiber delivery from my favorite Canadian fiber resource The Black Lamb.
Chanecia and I placed an order together so we could split the shipping costs. I was thinking about my order yesterday while getting my Llama fleece ready to drop off at her house. Off topic, but I just didn't like the look of that Llama fleece. It was pretty soiled and being fairly new to fleece prep I jumped at her offer to handle the "processing" for me...

Anyway, Chanecia opted for specific colors of fiber to spin up for a sweater she's been planning. I'm never that organized or forward thinking when it comes to spinning and knitting.

Light Grey, Sea Foam, Red / Burgundy and Pumpkin were her fiber choices .

As for me, well all I wanted was color. Random colors, the brighter the better - and that's exactly what I got!
Neon pink and green, blended colors of yellow/pink, blue/green, shades of blue and more. I've VERY happy with the colors I received after trusting Laurie, the owner, to choose them for me. I'm actually thinking about placing an order each month - I wouldn't mind a grab bag of fibers on a regular basis.
I also order fiber from The Sheep Shed Studio where Carol and Carl process and dye up fibers by the truckload. There you have it, my two favorite fiber sources in both U.S. and Canada. Please do try to save a little fiber for me if you decide to order.


lwhitewave said...

I'm jealous! I may not have the loom anymore, but I still have (and use) my spinning wheel!

V said...

I just never seem to have enough fiber! I've got a beautiful silvery grey/black cashgora fleece drying now, two other fleece waiting in the wings and I'm still not satisfied with my stash LOL.