Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Majacraft's Mate

Welcome to the family little Pioneer. This latest Majacraft wheel, the Pioneer, is a terrific budget wheel that is truly a Majacraft in every way. You put it together in minutes, it spins beautifully and accepts nearly every Majacraft accessory. Mine came from a lovely woman in Australia. It has some wonderful modifications too! A built in handle with a storage slot when not in use. A heavier custom Suzie Pro flywheel, modified axle, and a slot for securing the upright/ flyer when not in use. The heavier flywheel and larger treadles make this Pioneer spin even better than my Suzie Pro Alpaca wheel. I am in love all over again. No more traveling with my Rose, she's staying put. I can now grab my little modded Pioneer and go. I'm so psyched!

Sorry for the crappy camera phone pic...

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Anonymous said...

I love the way the Pioneer looks with the Suzie Pro fly wheel and better yet, if possible it seems to run better. I just ordered the Pioneer and would love to have this modification done to it.Found out the green Suzie Pro fly wheel can be purchased from Majacraft. Thanks for posting this.