Wednesday, June 3, 2009

V of the dolls

I just wouldn't be "V" without a new and interesting obsession. Everyone knows that, even you. So, what's my new obsession? Dolls. No, not like doll babies in stroller dolls - I'm talking dolls that are fashionable, trendy, hip, expressive... and expensive. I'm talking Blythe and Hujoo.

I gained an interest in these dolls after visiting several Etsy shops and seeing the dolls photographed alongside their seller's products. At first, thsese big-eyed, big head (in Blythe's case) dolls were rather scary. I saw this reference to them somewhere online, "they look like they'd stab you in the middle of the night" but it didn't put me off. No sir! The creepier they looked, the more I had to have one. Oh, did I say one? I meant four...

My first two Hujoos were Etsy purchases from the same seller. The first is Yaya (blue hair). She's an open eye cocoa skin Hujoo. Yaya's twin sister (they're products of an interracial relationship) is Suki (white hair). I love them and really dig what they represent. (Did I just say, "dig"? Dayum that 70's Blythe doll commercial!) Finally, for Hujoos, there's Foe. She's the red-headed stepchild of the bunch, purchased on Ebay. I think she and Blythe will get along well. They're both "different". Foe is more of an angry slightly closed eye Hujoo, while Blythe is a wide-eyed wonder who is quite solemn and always watching. (Maybe planning a late night stabbing?)

This Is Blythe...
Her name is Nik. Its short for Nikita. No, its not the name I chose for her, its the one she received from her previous owner and the person who did her face up. A face up is a customization of the face, changing eyes/eye chips, sanding, matting, applying paint - which in the doll world is equivalent to makeup. Nik received a complete wig re-root, all hand done with mohair. New lashes, painted eye lids, gaze correction, boggled eyes... Phew! that's a lot of plastic surgery for such a young girl. I haven't decided what to do with her hair yet but I assure you, it will be fabulous when its all said and done. Nik is traveling all the way from Istanbul to get here.

Check out these great pics of Hujoos and Blythes on Flickr.

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