Friday, June 25, 2010

CSM Traveller Workcase - have CSM will travel!

I've had been looking for an easy way to travel to and from events with at least one of my very heavy, antique Circular Sock Knitting Machines. After purchasing my favorite CSM, a 1914 Gearhart from a seller on eBay, I decided to check out the link to her business site - The Appalachian Sock Company. This is where I first caught site of the CSM Traveller Workcase.
Each case is handcrafted from solid wood and built to your brand specific machine (i.e. the wood machine base for a Gearhart CSM will be slightly different from that of a Legare CSM).

Not only can my fully assembled Gearhart fit inside its CSM Traveller, but it comes out easily, still attached to the wood machine base, then securely fastens to the workstation with no screws to turn - just slide the base onto the workstation and slide the bolt into place. Done! Now, not only do I have a great way to securely travel with my CSM, but I no longer need to bring a table or stool to clamp my CSM onto. The CSM Traveller does it all, and in a nice neat little workcase that is very portable and extremely light for an all wood item.

Thanks Kim and Greg!

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