Tuesday, June 1, 2010

iPad Wifi version. I love you.

So, after weeks of kicking around the idea of buying an iPad I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one. I got a 64gig wifi version and I love it! At first, I obsessed over the 3G model and thought I needed it for its Internet connectivity, that is until I discovered a great little program called MyWi. It allows you to use the signal from your iphone's data plan like a mobile wifi router. Your iphone must be jail broken in order to use the app. Jail breaking literally takes 3 - 5 mins and is done in just a click of the mouse. It's also FREE, so ignore anyone who tries to sell you some expensive jail breaking service. Just google blackra1n or Spirit jail breaks.

Running MyWi on my phone, I can pick up my iphone's wifi signal on my iPad and voilĂ ! I'm surfing the web at no additional cost to me. AT&T charges $30 a month for ipad data service. Apple charges an extra $130 for 3G iPad version... Not a bad savings. We'll see how long the ride lasts.

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