Friday, July 2, 2010

Going Green - Day Five

So its nearing the end of my first week of eating healthy. Juicing has been a part of my daily life and its a part that I can definitely live with. I feel good, no heavy-gut-gotta-undo-my-pants-can't-sleep-on my-stomach-after-eating-feeling. ZERO! In addition to juice I decided to just keep it green and uncooked for the most part. I've been enjoying salads, fruits and veggies, juicing, sushi, trailmix, nuts and lightly steamed vegetables with brown rice. It hasn't been THAT difficult but with this BBQ weekend coming up I know my committment will be tested. A&P Prepares Green Way Debut Refresh

While shopping the produce section of my local A&P supermarket I came across some organic carrots on sale. 5lbs for $5 - even cheaper than the non-organic varieties. I'd never noticed the label before "Green Way Organic". Hmmmm... I grabbed my carrots and headed over to the cereal isle for some granola. Again, I noticed the Green Way Organic brands of cereal. After reading the labels and checking prices, this organic cereal was even cheaper than the commercially processed crap. Again, I'm thinking this might be the label to look for... I found organic peanut butter, instant oatmeal and more. The ingredients and simple organically grown, natural products. For example, my organic peanut butter had one line of ingredients: "Peanuts, Sea Salt". The peanut butter currently in my cupboard had about 4 lines of ingredients and warnings on the types of partially hydrogenated oils and nuts that may actually be in my "peanut" butter. Interesting.

Needless to say, I stocked up on a few things and went back for another bag of carrots - they were actually on sale for $4 :)

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