Friday, May 4, 2012

It Spoke To Me, I Swear!

Perusing Ravelry's "for sale" groups is dangerous business...

I should have been getting ready for bed, but instead I chose to check out the "Used Knit and Spin Equipment" group on Ravelry. I'd recently sold one of my Golding spindles through the group, a pretty Celtic design that I purchased at Rhinebeck from its maker, Tom Golding. It was much more of an impulse buy than a need and I just never bonded with the little guy (I mean the spindle, not Mr. Golding). So, I sold it to a 1st time Golding spindler. I hope the two are happy together.

While checking out the group I happened across several Goldings listed for sale - this intrigued me because Goldings are usually NOT so readily available for resale. Perhaps my listing set off a chain reaction? Perhaps the taboo of reselling a Golding was temporarily lifted? I'm not sure, but I saw about three others listed for sale. This particular one caught my eye and stole my heart:

It's an "African Mother and Child" ring spindle with antique sterling silver ring and accents. I learned from the seller that it was purchased on Mother's Day last year. It's so ironic that a year later it should become my Mother's Day gift to myself.

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