Wednesday, May 2, 2012

KnitKing 4000 / KnitMaster 4500-esque

My new-to-me knitting machine has arrived! It's a KnitKing 4000 (at least that's what my research suggests), which is very similar to a Knitmaster 4500. It's the perfect machine for intarsia knitting. I simply lay the yarn across the needle hooks and slide the carriage across the bed. Changing colors is as easy as grabbing a yarn end. It's that simple and I love it.

Here's a sample I did about a day after receiving he machine:

The machine came with some great tools too. Having two of each triple and double transfer tools make for easy cable knitting.

Multiple transfer tools: this one capable of handling 33 stitches! The other is an adjustable needle pusher capable of pushing up to 33 needles in any configuration.

And finally, the piece de resistance! A Knittax pattern cam that slides across the needle bed to select needles for patterning. It came with a set of 4 cams ( one is loaded inside):

Although the machine did arrive with some damage and the incorrect needles (which I repaired and the seller rectified) I'm delighted with this new machine.

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