Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm expecting! (CSM)

No, its not what you think... I'm expecting my very first sock knitting machine, aka CSM, aka Circular Knitting Machine - a Legare 400. I'm ordering my machine from a really sweet woman in the Midwest who restores and sells CSMs. We've been communicating for just over a month. Back and forth, she's answered all my questions, made suggestions and even sent me a couple of DVD videos to whet my appetite for CSMs while I stockpiled the cash for the machine. And, boy do they cost! However, its about what you'd expect to pay for a functional piece of history that's available only in limited supply. What's really great about CSMs from this restorer, all original parts! Guaranteed to knit and rib. Tons of support. I'm sold. Now, the wait begins...

(actual photos of my machine - still waiting on a final polish,
then its on its way to its new home - mine.)

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