Friday, February 1, 2008

Chihuahua sweater on my Mattel Knitting Machine

I'm stoked today - I've fooled around with my newly snagged Mattel Knitting Machine for hours, determined to knit something other than wrist warmers for my daughter. When suddenly I was inspired and accidentally created a prototype sweater for my Chiwawa (chihuahua for my spanish speaking readers).
I started off by cranking out a very long tube of knitting, about 3 feet. Then I folded the tube into a "W" shape, careful to leave folded arrow-like corners which allowed me to sew tight seams. I left an opening in the middle point of the "W" for Biggs head to fit through. Then I seamed up the rest of the "W" to create the body, leaving a small opening on each side of the center seam for Biggs' legs to poke through. The finished product? Well, its not ready for prime time yet, but it did give me ideas on how for making lots of other outfits for my little canine-rodent. He doesn't care that the seams aren't tight or that there are still loose threads about. He just knows that its warm and comfy and that putting it on means he gets to go outside for a walk. With that said, gotta go, Biggs is waiting...

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