Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Love Sickness

Our Sheep Shed Studio Fiber group on Ravelry had a swap recently and I was the recipient of some very cool stuff: Koolaid dyed merino roving, beads, sequins, thread, chocolate and chocolate chip cookies! lotions and a beautiful set of stitch markers!

After receiving our swap packages we were required to spin up the yarn using something from the package. I spun up my fuschia fiber using sequins and thread. I love how it came out.
And I shall call it, "Love Sick". I think the name totally fits :)


lwhitewave said...

oooh, very pretty! and now I know what to do with some of my silk ribbons if they don't sell...thanks for the inspiration!

Beth said...

The yarn and beads are gorgeous!!! You gotta love any kind of swap that involves chocolate AND fiber goodies ;)

V said...

Thanks :) Yes, chocolate and anything goes well LOL!