Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cool site of the week - 3/16/09

Late again :)

Here's my cool site of the week for BlackBerry users - Tetherberry! http://www.tetherberry.com/.
A sweet BlackBerry app that let's your phone become a usb modem. Introductory pricing is $29.99 for the PC software (currently works on PC only) and the device app.

I purchased this software over the weekend and was able to tether my phone to my laptop and surf the web at really good speeds on my phone's Sprint Rev A network. From what I hear, the app uses your phone's data connection so you don't need to purchase any phone-as-modem service from your carrier. I had a similar app for my Windows Mobile phone (PDAnet).

Excellent app, works great at a very fair price.

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