Tuesday, May 22, 2012

iPhone gone Android with Samsung Galaxy Note

Yes, you heard it here first. This Apple girl has gone Android! No, I'm not abandoning Apple. I just feel that this particular phone is a better fit for me at this stage of my life.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Samsung Galaxy Note:

This is a huge phone, but its more than just a phone.  Its a tablet hybrid. Its a stunning 5.3" vividly bold screen with stylus (called an S-pen).
Its a camera. Its an e-reader, its thin and light and... well, big. But I love it. I recently gave my iPhone 4s (so long Siri) to my son and sold his iPhone 4 on Craigslist to purchase this. I haven't looked back. I still have my new 3rd gen iPad which is great but being wifi only I'm always searching for a free wifi signal. With my iPhone and my ATT unlimited data plan I had internet access but only on my small screen. Now with my Samsung Note I have the best of both worlds: a single web enabled device with a big screen and phone capabilities for no
additional monthly expense. Who wouldn't love that?

Yes. Its big. Yes, I do put it up to my ear and talk on it like a "normal" phone. No, I don't care who stares...


Monique said...

...stage of life...yeah yeah yeah. We don't need excuses. LOL! Welcome to Android lady! We've been waiting!

Monique said...

BTW, that's a great choice in a phone. I almost ended up with one myself.

V said...

Thanks! Lol. I'm just seeing your posts after months... Well, I traded in the Note for an S3 and I'm loving it. I prefer the size of the S3 but I miss the stylus.