Saturday, March 8, 2008

24 Hours Later... What a real pair of socks look like

Actually, less than 24 hours later. Look, a real pair of socks, knitting in sucession, attached and knit like the pros. I'll admit, last night's blue pair of socks were knit one at a time. But these beauties, these were knit by actually following a CSM sock pattern - not winging it like I did last night. Next up, kitchener stitching to close up the toes. (no, last night's blue pair weren't done the right way. There's a wad of yarn and ungodly stichery inside the sock toe). These were knitin acrylic using Bernat's Softee Baby. They're super soft and really feel more like a soft cotton blend than they do acrylic. Anyway, 120 grams for $3.99 is a steal considering I'm still in sock training camp and I'm saving the good stuff for after "graduation". Aren't they just darling?
Now, for the hard part, kitchener stitching up the toe. I used blue/green waste yarn between the socks and a solid blue on the toe of the last sock. I'll remember not to use waste yarn too close in color to my knitting yarn next time. Wish me luck!

So I tried the Kitchener Stitch! Voila! It wasn't half as hard as I thought it'd be. Thanks Laurie! - a woman on You Tube with a CSM who just happened to make a video on closing a sock toe using the Kitchener Stitch. I followed Lauries direction and it worked flawlessly!

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