Monday, March 17, 2008

What a difference a yarn makes!

Have you ever struggled with something so long and overcome it, only to find out there was a much easier way? Enter my struggle with hand-cranked socks... I've been killing myself for over a week, working hard to make socks with worsted weight yarn. Struggling to keep stitches from dropping, to maintain tension and even to simply crank! It wasn't until I gave sock yarn a whirl that I realized it'd been fighting an up hill battle to victory when level ground was so readily available. What a difference a yarn makes! Sock yarn, real sock yarn - not the baby yarn I'd been using, makes a whole heckuva lot of difference. From socks that took 2 hours to make, to socks that take 20 minutes. What was I thinking! Now that I've discovered how easy it is to make socks using sock yarn, I'm even more impressed at my ability to do it the hard way. Its more rewarding in a sense because I've learned a lot about yarn, tension, weights, latches, oil, needles and all of the little things that got in the way of making my worsted weight socks. With sock yarn, I rarely run into a problem, but if I do, my days of working with worsted have more than prepared me for it.

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