Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Introducing Harry To Sally

Last night I stumbled across some cone yarn that I had long since forgotten in my stash. Problem was, each cone contained laceweight yarns which when knitted single ply would have made pretty airy socks. The yarn colors: a radioactive neon green and a shiny purple. So I considered my options - apart, horrible! But together, this just might work!

I call my radioactive neon green yarn Harry, a bright, magnetic, fuzzy around the edges yarn with a lot of potential, but not so much on its own. Sally on the other hand is a beautiful purple yarn, too thin for anything but lace but simple and shiny and eager to be something.

I introduced the pair last night with fabulous results. I think this is the start of something big.


Thea_Midnight said...

Pretty combination. Much like Lime and Violet from the limenviolet podcast.

purlgurl said...

what a great couple! :) three cheers to a long, happy relationship.

Jessica said...

That's awesome! Did you get the stripes because of the yarn twisting around each other or did you do that somehow yourself?

V said...

Thanks Jessica :) I let the yarns twist freely to create random patterns. I kinda wish I had a Legare 47 six yarn mast now... it would be interesting to work with more than two yarn colors/textures. Although I can only imaging what jams would be like using so many yarns *ugh*.